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  1. Stephane Boussuge

    Stephane Boussuge

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    • By AlainJamot
      how can I do to emulate this wonderful Fibonacci function in Symbolic Composer, great to create "background" patterns.
      'cause the Fibonacci in OM handle just numbers, and not musical events. In scom, it was something like that:
      note1, note2, note2 + note1...
    • By AM
      ;;little function to make a transition by FIBONACCI-seq ;;i have seen this idea in "slippery chicken" (by michael edwards), ;;so here is a - "not so smart" but working - basic-function. (defun transition-with-fibonacci (number-of-values value-a value-b) (let ((fib-length) (fib-seq) (all-seq)) (setq fib-length (loop for cnt = 1 then (incf cnt) collect (sum (fibonacci 2 cnt)) into bag when (> (car (last bag)) number-of-values) do (return (1- (length bag)))) fib-seq (fibonacci 2 fib-length) all-seq (append (reverse fib-seq) (loop repeat (- number-of-values (sum fib-seq)) collect 1))) (loop for i in all-seq append (loop repeat i for cnt = 0 then (incf cnt) when (= cnt 0) collect value-b else collect value-a)))) ;;example-1 => only the process (transition-with-fibonacci 70 1 2) ;;example-2 => with context = sequence with 1 or 2 (before/after transition) (list-plot (append (gen-repeat 10 1) (transition-with-fibonacci 32 1 2) (gen-repeat 10 2)) :zero-based t :point-radius 2 :join-points t)  
    • By Stephane Boussuge
      An ambient piece based on a Fibonacci series.

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