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Can i retrieve midi from the notation viewer and save as midi from it ?

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Lets assume that i render few music in the notation viewer without each time play it in the midi player , may i retrieve as midi some previous scores from the notation viewer as midi , i know that i can do it with the last one but what about the previous ones


Thanks   Patrick

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if i understand you correctly....


you could COMPILE the score - and with :next-index t - you can keep all the versions


(compile-score 'myscore :file "My Score" :new-index t)


"If :new-index is including as an argument the composer is able to collect as saved named incremented files compilation after compilation. This can be invaluable if the score has lots of randomised possibilities that need to be explored and compared to find the 'best version'."

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Once i have all the scores , how may i make a midi version directly  from them  ? or even better is there a way to compile score and in the same time midi file ?

Now regarding 

(compile-score 'myscore :file "My Score" :new-index t)

May i set it up somewhere by default


Thank you



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