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Automatic documentation creation?

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Dear developers,


Opusmodus has a nice and rather extensive documentation. Nevertheless, I wondered why you use manually written rtf files for that.

As you most likely know, Common Lisp already supports facilities to add documentation to symbols (e.g., functions) themselves.

Example: try (documentation 'list 'function).


With such facilities some automatically generated documentation could be created (at least partly), which would at least avoids certain typos. I ran in only a few typos so far in the documentation, but they exist. Here is an example: In reference, the first argument of TONALITY-SERIES is root, but that is wrong, as documentation of function itself reveals.  
I understand that missing formatting of the documentation strings could be a problem. However, the doc string could use a syntax like markup, which could be automatically translated into a richer formatting with headlines etc.  
Of course, I do not expect you to switch the documentation system now any time soon, considering all the work that went into the manual documentation. I only wonder why you did not use the existing facilities provided by Lisp itself.



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