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    • By EAIP
      I am working on a table for harmonics on the theorbo.
      Is there a way to mark strings with numbers higher than 5?
      Or perhaps a way to add your custom roman numeral?
      By the way, I am still on 1.2.23260, maybe there are more options in 1.3 regarding custom markings?
      Kind Regards,
    • By Stephane Boussuge
      A string quartet composed in 2016 already posted on this Forum but for that video, the midi rendering is from Note Performer 3 in Dorico.

    • By AM
      hi all
      does anybody already coded a FUNCTION to replace string-pitches by natural or artificial harmonics?
      is the specific notehead in OM (for the artificials)? 
      would/could be very practical... perhaps if you have fast phrases in a large ambitus... the function - if it would be very well coded - could search for the nearest/closest fingering... 
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