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    • By JulioHerrlein
      Dear Friends,
      When evaluating this (cmd+1)
      '(h (g3f4b4db5) (c4 maj7))  
      as snippet, I get this:

      Why is that c4 alone there in the beginning of snippet ?
    • By Jorvd
      Hi everyone, this one should be pretty simple but I can't seem to figure it out yet.
      I am trying to notate this (see attachment) first bar in OM.
      So far I have this:
      (h e3c4g4e5 f3f4a4d5 z^q g4 f4 h g3d4b4 c3c4e4c5 ) Which doesn't work yet, although it's close.
      Additionally, I would love to use the same figured bass notation (with the brackets and everything).
      I know how to use the text attribute for Instruments but it seems to map everything based on white-space between the text, maybe I'm missing something?

      - Jor

    • By AM
      ;;; THIS FUNCTION DOING SYMM TRANSPOSITIONS TO CONRACT (OR EXPAND, depends on INTERVAL) A CHORD or PITCH-SEQ ;;; default setting: it changes in every generation the highest and lowest pitch by an OCTAVE ;;; by changing :position (see examples) you could change which position should be changed/transposed ;;; default interval is 12 ;;; FUNCTION (defun chord-contraction/expansion (n pitchlist &key (position nil) (interval 12) (chord nil)) (let* ((pitchlist (if (chordp (car pitchlist)) (melodize pitchlist) pitchlist)) (position (if (null position) (list 0 (1- (length pitchlist))) (if (listp position) position (list position (- (1- (length pitchlist)) position))))) (pitchlist (cons pitchlist (loop repeat n collect (setf pitchlist (sort-asc (flatten (position-replace position (list (pitch-transpose interval (list (nth (car position) pitchlist))) (pitch-transpose (neg! interval) (list (nth (cadr position) pitchlist)))) pitchlist)))))))) (if (null chord) pitchlist (chordize pitchlist)))) ;;; EXAMPLES: evaluate by cmd3 (setf 12-tone-field '(f3 fs3 gs3 c4 d4 e4 b4 cs5 eb5 g5 a5 bb5)) (chord-contraction/expansion 4 12-tone-field :chord t) => ((f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (fs3gs3c4d4e4f4bb4b4cs5eb5g5a5) (gs3c4d4e4f4fs4a4bb4b4cs5eb5g5) (c4d4e4f4fs4g4gs4a4bb4b4cs5eb5) (d4eb4e4f4fs4g4gs4a4bb4b4c5cs5)) (chord-contraction/expansion 4 12-tone-field :chord t :interval 48) => ((f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (bb1fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5f7) (f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (bb1fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5f7) (f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5)) ;;; with spezific positions (inner change) (chord-contraction/expansion 4 12-tone-field :chord t :position 3) => ((f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (f3fs3gs3d4eb4e4b4c5cs5g5a5bb5) (f3fs3gs3cs4eb4e4b4c5d5g5a5bb5) (f3fs3gs3d4eb4e4b4c5cs5g5a5bb5) (f3fs3gs3cs4eb4e4b4c5d5g5a5bb5)) (chord-contraction/expansion 4 12-tone-field :chord t :position '(0 5)) => ((f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (e3fs3gs3c4d4f4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (e3fs3gs3c4d4f4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5)) ;;;; with different intervals (chord-contraction/expansion 4 12-tone-field :chord t :interval 11) => ((f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (fs3gs3c4d4e4e4b4b4cs5eb5g5a5) (gs3c4d4e4e4f4bb4b4b4cs5eb5g5) (c4d4e4e4f4g4gs4bb4b4b4cs5eb5) (d4e4e4e4f4g4gs4bb4b4b4b4cs5)) (chord-contraction/expansion 4 12-tone-field :chord t :interval 7) => ((f3fs3gs3c4d4e4b4cs5eb5g5a5bb5) (fs3gs3c4c4d4e4b4cs5eb5eb5g5a5) (gs3c4c4cs4d4e4b4cs5d5eb5eb5g5) (c4c4cs4d4eb4e4b4c5cs5d5eb5eb5) (c4cs4d4eb4e4g4gs4b4c5cs5d5eb5))  
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