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  1. Dear all, I am curious to know whether any of you have any tips or strategies for approaching 'structure' in composition using Opusmodus. I often find that one of the challenges I face while using Opusmodus is that I tend to think in terms of the general structure of the composition and its pertaining restraints. I find it very difficult to think about the microstructures within a piece, mainly I think because I don't know enough about how to approach the idea of microstructures. By this, I mean I generally approach composition within Opusmodus by generating pitches/lengths/articulations, and separating them in terms of sections. However, within each section, I find that I wish I knew of strategies/ideas to generate even more complexity at a very subtle/micro level. Again, I think my main challenge in reaching the next stage in my use of Opusmodus is developing a more clear strategy in regards to structure. I'm very curious to hear how others solve this issue.
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