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Found 2 results

  1. – New functions: get-sieve-tree sieve-merge sieve-tree-series sieve-tree sieve pick-prob gen-prob create-osc-thread get-osc-thread-from-name send-osc-data osc-thread-alive? end-all-osc-threads end-osc-thread – Howto Score/OSC/OSC Threads.opmo – Changes to OSC functions, please check the new OSC documents if you use OSC. – Musicxml display improvements. SIEVE-TREE This function returns a sequence of lengths symbols derived from tree-data in a given root, node and level number. Examples: Low density output: (sie
  2. have fun! andré ;;; TWO SIEVE-generators ;;; simple and multiple (the simple-function is part of multiple) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (defun gen-sieve (ambitus.omn intervals) (midi-to-pitch (loop with ambitus.midi = (pitch-to-midi ambitus.omn) with interval.cnt = -1 for pitch = (first ambitus.midi) then (setq pitch (+ (nth interval.cnt intervals) pitch)) when (<= pitch (second ambitus.midi)) collect pitch into bag else return bag do (incf interval.cnt) when (= interval.cnt (length intervals)) do (setq interval.cnt 0))
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