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Found 2 results

  1. 1.3.24720 – Update to 'Quick Start' workspace. – Added controllers keyword :cc into PS. How to update the Quick Start workspace. Delete the 'Quick Start' folder from the "~/Opusmodus" directory. Goto the Help menu and select 'Install Quick Start Workspace'. The updated 'Quick Start' workspace will open. This way you can always rebuild your 'Quick Start' workspace to the default one if needed. Best wishes, Janusz
  2. Hi guys, Just going through the quick start examples of algorithmic composing, and there is something that has been happening from the beginning: I open Quickstart, I choose Lesson 2, for example. I use the up/down arrows to navigate through the various .opmo documents, I navigate down, skimming through the text, right down to document 8 and when I navigate back up, documents 5 and 6 appear blank... this has happened to me also with tutorial 1. What I have done is to restore the quick start document and go again. I have also tried opening those docs independently but still blank! what is hap
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