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  1. Yes - that does work - Thanks!! The right click option on the same code auditions through internal. What you wrote above works via IAC to Reaper.
  2. If I do that it plays through the internal GM. Here is the output: ? ? choralis, set: om rotation: 1 path: ? seed: 826083 ? choir-satb-layout make-instrument, name: v1 make-instrument, name: v2 make-instrument, name: v3 make-instrument, name: v4 def-score, name: choralis1 ? gen-prob, count: 31 seed: 441896 rnd-sample, size: 31 section: nil exclude: nil seed: 857438 gen-prob, count: 31 seed: 435 gen-choralis choralis, set: om rotation: nil path: nil seed: 653886 ps ? audition-musicxml-last-score #<process play loop(10) [Active] #x302002A42ADD> ? I have prefere
  3. my code I posted was a direct copy of the Choralis tutorial. The only thing I tried changing was the output port. When I paste your code you posted above I get the error we are discussing now. I just made "apple + E" instead of "Apple + 1" which gave me a different error: > Error: Odd length keyword list: (:omn v1 :channel 1 :port) > While executing: ccl::check-keywords, in process Listener-1(7). > Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts. > Type :? for other options. 8 >
  4. same error unfortunately. already tried. Also tried restarting opusmodus.
  5. 23 > (midi-destinations) ((0 . "Euphonix Port 1") (1 . "Euphonix Port 2") (2 . "Euphonix Port 3") (3 . "Euphonix Port 4") (4 . "RME ARC") (5 . "MIDI Expression WHITE") (6 . "Kenton Killamix Mini") (7 . "FaderPort") (8 . "Live Port") (9 . "User Port") (10 . "Console 1") (11 . "Keyboard") (12 . "MIDI OUT") (13 . "Port 1") (14 . "Port 2") (15 . "Port 3") (16 . "Port 4") (17 . "IAC1") (18 . "Bus 2") (19 . "Bus 3") (20 . "Bus 4") (21 . "Bus 5")) 23 >
  6. it shows me the same name, so that seems to be fine. (17 . "IAC1") if I try this (v1 :omn v1 :channel 1 :port 17) I get the same error.
  7. Ah, thanks! But it does not compile when I add IAC as my port: (progn (setf chords '((w c4e4g4) (h g4b4d5) (h c4e4g4) (-h) (q e4g4b4 q) (q a4c5e5 mp leg q leg) (q g4b4d5 leg) (q f4a4c5) (w d4f4a4) (w a4cs5e5 mf) (-q) (q d4f4a4 q q) (q a4c5e5) (h c4e4g4) (h d4f4a4) (q d4fs4a4 leg q leg q) (h g4b4d5 h) (-q) (q bb4d5f5 q q) (w eb4g4bb4) (-q) (q c4eb4g4 q) (q g4bb4d5) (h c4eb4g4) (h bb4d5f5) (w f4a4c5 h) (-q) (q d4fs4a4) (q g4bb4d5 q q q) (h d4fs4a4 h) (-q) (q g4bb4d5) (h c4eb4g4) (h g4bb4d5) (h d4fs4a4 h) (h. g4bb4d5)
  8. Hi, First day with Opusmodus! I am trying to audition the choralis.opmo example via Reaper / Kontakt. I configured IAC, the port I named IAC1 shows up as a port in Reaper (it is enabled for midi + control) and the VSTi in Reaper is set to record / audion. I set the audition prefence in Opusmodus to my port (IAC1) but it still audiotions though the internal GM. I then tried adding port: "IAC" like this (ps 'gm :satb (list v1 v2 v3 v4) :flexible-clef nil :port "IAC1" :tempo 60) ) but then i get an error in OPUSMODUS compiler:
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