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  1. On 5/24/2020 at 5:18 PM, Tablabroke said:

    Hi Stéphane,


    Can you let me know which time zone this meeting will be in? I'm in Australia, so I'll need to figure out whether I'll be able to join. 

    Also, if I'm unable to join, will the meeting be recorded?


    Many thanks,


    FWIW (YMMV ;-)), the time shown in the banner above this post is actually already adjusted to my local time (i.e. the correct time)...I originally used my 'world clock' app to adjust for CEST to PST and wound up being 9 hours early! So, look at time above (overlaid upon the banner picture) and check to see if it is already adjusted for you (it may be a forum setting, i.e. specifying your local time in your forum CP) or something else? doing the automatic correction??). hth

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