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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to get a random series of lengths from the list (4/14 5/14 6/14) to span over a certain time, in this case 4 bars. (length-span '4 (rnd-sample 40 '(4/14 5/14 6/14))) The result keeps including tied sixteenth notes, although I want to limit the score and rhythm to two eighth septuplets per bar (with ties). I also tried to include quantize as a second grid which didn't help to "clean" the result. Am I making a mistake here or is this some kind of bug?
  2. Does Opusmodus already support the notation of nested tuplets? Nested tuplets are easily expressed directly with fractions. For example, for the nested rhythm found at http://klangnewmusic.weebly.com/direct-sound/lets-talk-rhythm-part-2-nested-tuplets I can write the following. '(2/15 2/15 2/15 2/25 2/25 2/25 2/25 2/25 1/20 3/20) The playback of this rhythm works fine, but the notation is unnecessarily complex. Not even the simple time signature 2/4 is detected. Also, I could not find the length symbols for the required durations. For example, what is the symbol for the fraction 2/15? Thanks! Best, Torsten
  3. when i evaluate this: (make-omn :pitch '(c5) :length '(3/12 -1/12 4/12 -1/20 3/20 1/20) :velocity '(mf)) the result is wrong (look at (3/12 -1/12 4/12).... but i would like to notate something like valeur ajoutée isn't it possible? thanx a.
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