The definitive software for music composition

Opusmodus is built on cutting-edge computer technology, it brings the traditions and practice of music face to face with wholly new paradigms of composition technique. This is where the adventure in scripting for music composition begins.

"I really enjoy using Opusmodus, it is a very easy and well documented application which is a great help for any composer who wishes to create music and get their musical ideas into complete scores ready for orchestra, small ensembles, piano or electronic music."


─ Patrick Mimran

"Opusmodus presents a new paradigm and a quantum leap for computer aided composition. It is the true composer’s software environment, providing a comprehensiveness not seen in any other system in existence! Combining elegant coding methodologies, the innovation of the OMN score language, and numerous sophisticated composing functions together with instant high-quality playback and stunning notation, Opusmodus takes composing to new and unimagined vistas. It is easy for beginners to get into working with Opusmodus, due to the excellent and abundant examples, tutorials and reference materials, but the program is also sufficiently deep to delight and inspire those who are well experienced in algorithmic methods. Opusmodus is extremely fast to work with and allows the composer to quickly prototype materials. However, it goes far beyond this level of working and is actually a complete system for composing that does not require the composer to reach for other tools leaving the flow of composing uninterrupted. Highly sophisticated musical structures can be composed, refined, edited, auditioned and scored directly from within this remarkable programming environment. Opusmodus has become my new home for composing music; it is a wellspring of infinite possibilities."


─ Robert Scott Thompson, PhD

    Composer, Professor of Music, Georgia State University, Atlanta

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