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Opusmodus at the Karajan Music Tech Conference

By opmo, 04/20/2020

Parametric Music Composition with Opusmodus
presentation by Stéphane Boussuge

Score: KMT2020.opmo


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Thank you for such an informative session! I have a quick question about tonality-series function.


If I set the tonality-series parameter:


:map '(step)


I get the pitches from thema (c4 d4 e4 f4 g4) mapped as:


Is it possible to adjust the parameter(s) so that the the pitches from thema are mapped directly onto the custom scales? So that each successive pitch listed in thema:


(c4 d4 e4 f4 g4)


is mapped in order onto each successive pitch in the two custom scales, resulting in:

(c4 d4 e4 fs4 gs4) and (c4 d4 eb4 f4 g4)


Thank you!




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I studied the harmonic-path function, and while I found the solution to solve the challenge I described above, I still can't seem to figure out the following.


I want to take a melodic fragment:

(setf voice '((h b4) (w c5)))


And map it onto a custom scale:

(setf scale '(c4 e4 f4 g4 a4))


Using the harmonic-path function:

(setf path (harmonic-path (chordize scale) voice))


I get this

((h c4) (w c5))


And I'd like to get this

((h a4) (w c5))


Could anyone suggest how to arrive at this solution? My goal is to map a diatonic or chromatic melodic fragment (diatonic 7 (b4) - 1 (c5) in my example) onto a custom scale in which 7-1 may be different pitch classes (a4 and c5 in my example). 


Thank you!


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The harmonic-path is not the function you are looking for.

I will add the new option octave to the tonality-map function with the next release.



(setf voice '(q b4 c5 b5 ds4))
(setf scale '(c4 e4 f4 g4 a4))
(tonality-map '(scale :map octave) voice)
=> (q a4 c5 a5 e4)


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I'm not sure if this is what you wanted me to send, but here's what a more extended example would look like. The idea is to follow the pitch-step gestalt in the first "input" example and map the same trajectory of steps onto the custom scale to the second "output" example. I apologize if I'm not clear in my intentions. I appreciate you looking into it. Thanks!



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Out of curiosity, is it possible to use :map 'octave along with tonality-series function?


(setf modes '(dorian lydian))
(setf roots '(d4 g4))
(setf path (tonality-series modes :root roots))

(setf voice '((c4 es4 g4 fs4 a4 g4 b4) (c4 es4 g4 fs4 a4 g4 b4)))
(setf mel-path (tonality-map '(path :map octave) voice))


My apologies if I'm not asking it in the right way. Thank you!

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