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Ioannis Andriotis

Randomize Materials?

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Hello all,

I am very new to OMN. I would like to start learning by exploring the topic of randomizing parameters within a given framework. Mainly pitches and durations for now.

For example, make variations of an 11-pitch-class set, but give emphasis only to some of the pitches (repeat more often) while also slightly vary the basic main rhythmic pattern. 


Which collection of examples should I start looking? 

Thanks in advance,



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;; Number of bars
(setf size 12)

;;; Random weighted choice of pitches with emphasis on d4 gs4 abd as4
(setf pitch (gen-weight size '((c4 1)(cs4 1)(d4 2)(ds4 1)(e4 1)(f4 1)(fs4 1)(g4 1)
                               (gs4 2)(a4 1)(as4 2))))

;;; Slightly varied rythm pattern based on a random choice
;;; of rythmic cells varied by rest positionning.

;; rythmic cells definition
(setf rcells '((s s s s q e e q)(e e e e e e e e)(s s e s s e s s s s s s s s)))

;; random choice of rythmic cells
(setf rchoice (rnd-sample size rcells))

;; Length definition, adding some rests
(setf len (length-weight rchoice :weight '(3 1)))  

;;; Pitch and length assembly into an omn phrase:
(setf phrase1 (make-omn
               :pitch pitch
               :length len

Happy Opusmodus exploration !



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Thanks a lot Stephan! I will check out these functions. 


Just to mention, I am composing a piece for my dissertation (PhD) for Alto flute and Electronics (MaxMSP).

Already the random functions have helped me a lot to put down some ideas fast. Looking forward to learning more about OMN when I will be done with school. 


Is there any chance that you will provide online tutorials (step-by-step - easy!) based on subscription? Like Lynda.com or MacProVideos?

Although private lesson are great for more advanced users, I believe that having online database/resources would benefit many academic students and faculty members. I had this discussion with fellow graduate students and professors at near by universities. just food for thought for expanding this useful piece of software...!


Have a nice day, and thanks again!

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