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    • By Deb76
      This is my participation at Pianoteq Video Contest 2017. The composition was written with Opusmodus and played in Ableton Live with seven instances of Pianoteq (modified TubularBells, modified ConcertArp recording, Steinway D Classical Recording A, modified Celesta, modified Cinbalom, modified original ChurchBells, Steinway D Classical Recording BA and completed with a Ircam Solo Instruments bank instance (flute, Horn, Cello) read via the UVI Workstation :
      and the list of videos in competition : http://www.forum-pianoteq.com/viewtopic.php?id=5301
      Do not hesitate to tell me what you think.
      PS : It is advisable to play the video in 1080p HD and listen to the headphone for panoramic movements. 
    • By AM
      when i evaluate this:
      (make-omn          :pitch '(c5)          :length '(3/12 -1/12 4/12 -1/20 3/20 1/20)                                     :velocity '(mf))  
      the result is wrong (look at (3/12 -1/12 4/12).... but i would like to notate something like valeur ajoutée
      isn't it possible? thanx a.

    • By o_e
      I'am working with some excerpts of a score from Franco Donatoni's "Françoise variantionen".
      The respell version is a little better.
      Ricordi goes a special way in the original.
      I'am aware that this is a very special case and not very urgent to change.
      Just for the records.
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