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    • By Dpcoffin
      Sometimes I find I cannot focus the saving process on the current workspace; it won't save on command-s, and on shift-command-s, what is offered for saving is the .opmo file, no matter what efforts I can think to make to focus elsewhere than the composer. Anyone else? Solutions?
    • By Jorvd
      Hi everyone,

      Today I've been learning about the Counterpoint function in v2, I decided to start simple:
      (setf p01 '((-e e4 stacc g4 stacc b4 stacc s e4 fs4 leg e g4 leg fs4 b3 leg))) (setf p02 '(((leg -e b5 b5 a5 a5 eb5 q eb5 leg)))) (setf voices (counterpoint (list p01 p02) '( ((1 -) :methods (- -) :polyphony (7 o)) ((2 1) :methods (t-12 -) :polyphony (7 o)) ((2 1) :methods (t-5 r) :polyphony (7 ?)) ))) (ps 'gm :fl (list (assemble-voices 1 voices)) :cl (list (assemble-voices 2 voices)) :tempo '(80) :time-signature '(4 4) :start 1) In this example I would really like to change the "as4" in bar 3 but I haven't been able to figure out how to do so.
      I know that with the Unfold function I can process specific events, like so:
      ;;Transpose second bar and 3th and 7th note in bar 4 (unfold 'om '( (t12 2 ) (t-7 4 (3 7)) ) mat) However, that doesn't seem to work within the :methods for the counterpoint function.
      This then brought my attention to the build-in polyphony function, but so far it's taking a lot of time to understand how to use this function.

      Thanks in advance for the help!
      - Jor
    • By AM
      dear all
      is there a quick way to import (or filter) only pitches and chords from a midi-file? if i only use these (nothing else from midi/xml)
      thanx for a hint
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