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    • By JulioHerrlein
      Dear friends,
      I managed to make my USB controller Keystation 32 to work in Opusmodus. It´s working. I press the keys and the blue notes are appearing in the score. I think that the hardware setup is properly set up.
      The problem is how to use this Midi Entry. 
      The notes are appering but, in order to maintain the notes written I have to disable midi entry. When I enable it back, the new notes inputed erase the old ones. 
      I use this small M-AUDIO keystation 32 keyboard in my desk just to input notes in notation programs. This dont have a sustain pedal attached in this tiny keyboard and no pitch wheel as well. There is some workaround or some keystroke in the computer keyboard to change the input behaviour, to act like the sustain pedal or pitchwheel command ? Actually I can program some way of sending this midi messages using another software but it would better to have it in a keystroke inside opusmodus. 
      Thanks. Looks promising !
    • By Dpcoffin
      Hello, new user here— among the first things I did with OM was to import some simple MIDI files, using directions in a video that has now been lost, as I understand. Just tried to do this again and realized I'd no recollection of exactly how to do it, or how I did it. I've read the two functions for doing this, and I definitely didn't use either of those methods before! 
      Could someone who knows the method please describe it here, until a new video or other tutorial about it reappears? Many thanks in advance!
    • By InLight-Tone
      I was wondering if it's possible to use midi velocity values 1-127 for the velocity parameter?
      I noticed I could use floating point.
      Any examples of using standard midi velocity instead of dynamic symbols?
      Thanks again, I'll try to keep these basic questions to a minimum if possible! 😏
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