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'Stages 13' Typo?

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Not sure where to report this (if at all) but since I am working myself through the basic documentation, just thought I would let you know FWIW about what I think is a typo? (as it won't evaluate as written).


Please let me know if there is a more covert way to report these as i don't want to clutter this forum if you prefer direct contact for little  things like this ;-)


"Working with Binary Rhythmics


This piece demonstrates the use of binary lists as an ingenious way to create and modify rhythm: 0 is a rest-length, 1 is a note-length.


(setf bin-rhythm (gen-binary-rnd 5 5 2 1 0 :seed 41))


=> ((0 0 1 1 0) (1 0 0 1 1) (0 0 1 0 1)

    (1 1 0 1 1) (0 1 0 0 1))"


Should omit '0' right before ' :seed' yes? (gen-binary-rnd 5 5 2 1 0 :seed 41))


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3 hours ago, torstenanders said:

... In future, you can report bugs in the special Bug Reports forum below all other forums at https://opusmodus.com/forums/.




Hi Torsten, is it possible that forum is not yet available to me (I am still in demo period and new forum member)? With your link, I do not see any forum below other forums by that name?


Thanks in advance

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 11.26.43 AM.png

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I wouldn't want to (again) presume an actual app bug at this point in my learning cycle, but I have come across a number of small typos and incorrect sentence structures in the 'Assistant materials.


I will cut/paste those into a master document going forward, and when I get enough to justify...will send along via'Request Support' in a single document ;-)


Thank you for the info, patience, and replies...it's been a challenging but incredibly rewarding first week with Opusmodus, and the conversations and sharing in this forum (along with YouTube/blog links) have played no small part in my learning what it is I need to learn! 


Thank you all for your spirit of community and knowledge :)

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