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    • By Jorvd

      I've been following this thread in an attempt to build one score from multiple projects:

      I've tried both the approach from Stephane and Janusz but I can't seem to play back the scores after each other.
      Instead when I compile the three different scores it plays them all back at the same time/on top of each other.
      I'm probably doing something stupid somewhere but I can't figure out what, here's a screenshot of my project:

    • By Jorvd
      I'm guessing this is a simple one but it has me stuck for almost an hour now.
      I have two different velocity vectors:
      (setf dynamic-rh (vector-to-velocity 0.55 0.62 (gen-white-noise 10 :seed 122) :type :midi)) (setf dynamic-lh (vector-to-velocity 0.33 0.41 (gen-white-noise 10 :seed 67) :type :midi)) Which I want to combine/merge and plot, I've tried all sorts of stuff like this:
      (velocity-list-plot '(dynamic-lh dynamics-rh) :point-radius 2) (velocity-list-plot '((dynamic-lh) (dynamics-rh)) :point-radius 2) (velocity-list-plot (list(dynamic-lh dynamics-rh)) :point-radius 2) It's probably quite obvious, but I couldn't write Lisp to save my life..
      Thank you in advance!
    • By terekita
      Hello, newbie question:
      I'd like to take an omn list and simply repeat each measure 3 times. If I start with the following code:
      (setf r-transitions1 '((e (e 1)(-e 3)) (-e (e 3)(-e 1)))) (setf marked (gen-markov-from-transitions r-transitions1 :size 120)) ;;conform to timesignature in omn format (setf r1 (length-span (gen-repeat 20 '8/8) marked :omn t)) ;;define the time signatures (setf timesigs (get-time-signature r1)) ;;stream of pitches (setf pitches '(c4 eb4 f4 g4 bb4 c5 eb5)) (setf pitches (chord-interval-add '(12) pitches)) ;;by spanning r1 onto pitches, pitches will repeat as needed (setf pitches (span r1 pitches)) (setf rh (make-omn :length r1 :pitch pitches)) and then try something like:
      (setf rrh (gen-repeat 3 rh)) ;or (setf rrh (gen-repeat '(3) rh)) neither gives me what I'm looking for.
      However, I notice that if I evaluate
      (setf rrh (gen-repeat 3 (list (first rh)))) then I get the correct result for the first measure.
      Therefore, doing something like this gets me what I was looking for:
      (setf rrh (gen-divide 8 (flatten (mapcar #'(lambda (n) (gen-repeat 3 (list n))) rh))))  
      But surely there's a better/simpler way to repeat bars in omn format.
      If anyone has insights, I'd be most appreciative.
      thanks, Michael
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