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post processing with bar/beat


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dear janusz


what do you think about the idea(s) to work with "bar/beat" for post-processing the scores. i see that's - in my momentary work - very useful...

for example: insert at bar/beat, cut-out bar/beat/span, overwrite bar/beat, pattern-matching bar/beat/span ... ?


by the way i'm coding a little bit on a function which gets me the positions of perhaps a pattern-match (single values and patterns), in the format (bar (beat)), for example (1 (3 4)), but it's not so simple... (a lot of specialities, and i can't put it into ONE code)








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I am quite busy with other work at the moment.

In the POSITION-ATTRIBUTE function we get bar and delta-time, but I think bar/beat should work as well, I like your approach.

I am sure you will get the function working :-)

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i know POSITION-ATTRIBUTE, but the output-format seems to be a bit different.

one of the "problems" for coding the function is to distinguish the "pattern-match" (=> multiple-values of pitches/lengths/... comibinations of these parameters)

that's seems not very simple, single-values are okay...


...but at the moment i have other things to do (composing/playing), so it will take some time, but perhaps anyone else would create such a function (stéphane, thorsten..?:cool:

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