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Disassembling incomplete OMN expressions?

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Dear Janusz,


Opusmodus is already flexible enough to notate incomplete OMN forms like the following, even though the pitch is missing.


'(h mp pizz)


Because this expression is no complete OMN, omn-formp returns nil.


(omn-formp '(h mp pizz))

=> nil


However, it would be useful to still be able to disassemble this expression. Currently disassemble-omn returns an error, because the pitch is missing. However, if such expression can even be notated, then why not allowing to also disassemble it as follows.


(disassemble-omn '(h c4 mp pizz))

; desired output -- currently error is caused

=> (:length (1/2) :velocity (mp) :articulation (pizz)) 

; alternative -- likely default pitch needed for consistency

=> (:length (1/2) :pitch (c4) :velocity (mp) :articulation (pizz)) 


I am asking for this, because that would allow to implement functions that can build up OMN forms incrementally (as an alternative to make-omn), increasing flexibility. Here is an example of a not yet existing function demonstrating what I am talking about. It would complement the function edit-omn I was proposing earlier today.


(add-omn :pitch '(g4 a4)
         '((q f pizz) (h arco)))

=> ((q g4 f pizz) (h a4 arco)))


What do you think?






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