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Symbols like <f or >p

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Dear Janusz,


The richness of the dynamics symbols in OMN is great. In terms of hair pins, what we already have are the plain hair pins < and > as well as symbols that end with a hairpin, e.g., p<, or f> – besides all those one-note dynamics.  Nevertheless, perhaps this set could be slightly extended even further (now I am getting greedy :)


If we want to express that some crescendo or diminuendo, which started on an earlier note, continues until the end of the current note, then we would need symbols that we don't have yet, like the following, <p, <f, >p, >f, i.e., symbols that start with a hairpin. Would you agree that these would be useful to add (in the medium or long term)?


With such additional symbols, also some already existing dynamics transformations could also be implemented more consistently. For example, currently velocity-variant and friends works as follows.

(velocity-variant '(mf> > > > > pp) :variant 'r)
=> (pp < < < < mf<)


A more consistent result would be the following, but the symbol <mf is not supported yet.

(pp < < < < <mf)






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