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pattern-map/match overwriting

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a question:


in a pattern match i would like to overwrite the existing OMN sequence. that means that for the duration of the insert the original OMN-sequence is not pushed backwards. As I see it now, the OMN-values are only inserted and do not overwrite the sequence, (and not rhythmically "compensating") ... ?


would be very nice! ...or i have to code it for myself :sad:


an example:

;; basic omn-seq
'(e c4 -e -q q c4 -q s c4 -e. q)

;; insert
'(3q c4 d4 e4 c4 d4 e4 c4 d4)

;; pattern-match on (q c4)

;; result should be
'(e c4 -e -q 3q c4 d4 e4 c4 d4 e4 c4 d4 -3q q c4)


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