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Add pitch classes as text above notes?

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((eb4 num3 f4 num5 gb4 num8 a4 num9 c4 num0)
 (bb4 num11 c4 num0 eb4 num3 e4 num4 f4 num5))

List of all attributes you find in the '4th Element - Attributes' document.

Of course you can create your own attributes (articulations) as well, with ADD-TEXT-ATTRIBUTES function.

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Thanks so much!!! This is great!


I wrote the following functions that automatically add the pitch class as text above each note. This is really useful for me when teaching set theory. I am sharing them in case anyone else needs something like this 🙂


Also, I'd be curious to know how the text font might be modified. 

;; convert pitch-classes to nums
(defun pc-to-num (pitches)
  (substitute-map '(num0 num1 num2 num3 num4 num5 num6 num7 num8 num9 num10 num11) '(0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11) (modus (pitch-to-integer pitches))))

;; interweave two lists
(defun interweave (list1 list2)
  (if (null list1)
    (cons (car list1) (interweave list2 (cdr list1)))))

;; add pcs as a num to each pitch
(defun show-pcs (pitches) (interweave pitches (pc-to-num pitches)))

;; test
(setf pitches '(c4 bb4 f4 eb4 fs4 d4 g4 b4 e4 a4 cs4 gs4))
(show-pcs pitches)


Pitches with PCS.pdf


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