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Danse pour Piano

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A short piece for piano.


Basically, i've played the piano part into logic X, export the part to midi and imported it into opusmodus. 

After importation, i have copied the OMN piano part from the imported score into a variable named pmat and also the controllers information for sustain pedal (controller No.64) into a variable named ct64.


I've generated some scales from a row using harmonic-progression function:

(setf row (rnd-row :type :pitch :seed 932281 :transpose 3))

(setf chords 
               (rnd-number (length pmat) -11 11)
               :size 7
               :step 1


and finally i've applied this harmonic structure with tonality-map function onto my piano material (variable pmat):

(setf piano (tonality-map (mclist chords) pmat))

and exported back the resulting midifile to Logic for further edit and piano score edit.




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