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Revisiting some of John Cage's compositional techniques

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I have been reviewing James Pritchett's The Music of John Cage lately, and was particularly surprised by the detail in which some of the techniques John Cage developed in the 1940s are described such as his "gamut" technique and "chart" technique. I am very curious to see whether you are aware of any attempts to use Opusmodus to create something somewhat similar to these techniques?

In theory, the gamut technique is a collection of "sound materials" made before the composition is arranged, and that these sound materials (with varying content, and often containing most of the chords in a piece), while the chart technique is a chart that makes a chart of different possible sounds according to the types of instruments that are used in the piece, only each horizontal axis gives more probability for the appearance of a particular instrument (I wonder if that makes sense).

It seems like a good exercise in composition if not anything else, but I'm curious to see how to recreate this in OMN. Otherwise, are there any plans to implement some of John Cage's compositional techniques into OMN's functions? 





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