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if you want to modify "a weight" from GEN-generation to next GEN-generation you could use this...

(modifying a weight could be useful if you want to give your production-rules a global drift)




(defun modify-weight (&key weight (step 0.1) type (threshold 0.5) (span '(0 1)) (max-weight 1.0))
  (cond ((or (equal type 'incr) (equal type 'decr)) (progn 
                                                      (setq weight (cond ((equal type 'incr) (incf weight step))
                                                                         ((equal type 'decr) (decf weight step))))
                                                      (if (and (> weight 0) (< weight max-weight))
                                                        (append weight)
                                                        (cond ((>= weight max-weight) (random (- 1 threshold)))
                                                              ((<= weight 0) (+ (random (- 1 threshold)) threshold))))))
        ((equal type 'incr-noreset) (if (< weight max-weight)
                                      (incf weight step)
                                      (append max-weight)))
        ((equal type 'decr-noreset) (if (> weight 0)
                                      (decf weight step)
                                      (append 0)))        
        ((equal type 'rnd) (+ (random (- 1 threshold)) threshold))
        ((equal type 'rnd-span) (rnd-round (first span) (second span)))))

;;; EXAMPLES TO TEST THE FUNCTION -> ev. every example a few times to check it

(setf weight 0.1)
;;; counts up until default-max-weight (1.0), then rnd-reset
(setf weight (modify-weight :type 'incr :weight weight :step 0.2))

(setf weight 0.1)
;;; counts up, stays at max-weight
(setf weight (modify-weight :type 'incr-noreset :weight weight :step 0.2 :max-weight 3.0))

(setf weight 1.0)
;;; counts down until 0, then rnd-reset
(setf weight (modify-weight :type 'decr :weight weight :step 0.1))

(setf weight 1.0)
;;; counts up, stays at 0
(setf weight (modify-weight :type 'decr-noreset :weight weight :step 0.1))

(setf weight 1.0)
;;; rnd-weights, larger then threshold
(setf weight (modify-weight :type 'rnd :threshold 0.3))

(setf weight 1.0)
;;; rnd-weights, in SPAN
(setf weight (modify-weight :type 'rnd-span  :span '(0.3 0.6)))



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