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Transistions between attributes, e.g., ord. -> sul tasto

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Thanks for your quick response.


However, I am not so such whether it would be best to define an extra symbol ord->tasto, because that would mean that a very large number of new symbols should be added. Instead, it would be better to have (in a later version, perhaps version 2) some kind of operator that can combine attributes, like currently the operator + does already for attributes. Lets assume that operator would be notated >, then a large number of transitions would be possible with one addition including ord>tasto, tasto>ord, ponte>tasto, tasto>ponte, tasto>ponte>tasto etc. -- at that is just a subset related to the position where the bow meets the string..., other articulations and other instruments would need many more.


In the meantime, we may simply use the existing operator + instead (e.g., ord+tasto), and then revise the resulting score manually to change that to a true transition. This approach would allow for both transitions on a single note, and over several notes -- in the latter can the combined attribute is added to the required number of consecutive notes (as can be done with leg right now).




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