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Transforming scores

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Is there a way to append or even otherwise transform scores created with def-score?


For example, it would be useful to have different sections created in different files, and then assembled together in one file. Of course, in principle I can currently create the individual parameters and parts in individual files, and then have only a single def-score definition in one place, but that is less convenient (intermediate results are not shown as score).


More generally, is there a way to process intermediate results with multiple parts? If we would have access to a polyphonic score,  then in principle there could be also score transformations that take the polyphonic context into account (e.g., Music21 allows for that).


I understand that the meta information in the score header (title, composer etc.) can be inconsistent across def-score results if they are appended, but that should not prevent having some way to process intermediate results with multiple parts in principle. Perhaps there could be some simpler sibling to def-score that would leave out all information that should be defined globally only once, but allow for the creating of sections multiple parts, e.g., some def-particell (using a German word for a reduced/unfinished score, but still a score, not just a part)?






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you can assemble your sections with assemble-seq  function and use do-timeline for processing the resulting sections.


Another possibility is to compile your final score(s) to a unique file with compile functions with keywords :output :score and :file "thenameofmyfile.opmo"

and use the resulting omn score for re-insert material in a new score with setf and process this material.




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