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Opusmodus 1.2.20734

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TONALITY-MAP optimisation (much faster now) and change to tonality-form keywords:


Tonality Form:


tonality                             tonality name, pitch list, chord, integer list or OMN list.

root                pitch symbol or an integer.

sort                NIL or T. The default is T.

add                 an integer (additional intervals).

remove              a list of integers (remove intervals from the tonality).

closest             NIL, down or up. The default is NIL (random).

rotate              and integer (chordal inversion).

variant             a variant symbol: o, r, i, ri, 4, r4, 5, r5 or ? (at random).

ambitus             instrument-name or list (low high).

map                 fixed, shift or NIL. The default is NIL.

seed                NIL or an integer. The default is NIL.



The same applies to the TONALITY-SERIES function.


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