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How do you clear the listener?

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Well, I think "Return To Top Level" is kind of the thing you use when you are stuck in an infinite loop?

I meant, for example, when I declare a variable "a" and set it to an integer 100,

that "a" is forever going to be stored in the memory as 100, unless I quit the program.


Is there an alternative way for clearing the memory?


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(setf a 100)
=> 100

(makunbound 'a)
=> > Error: Unbound variable: a


The simples way is to give the variable 'a new value. :smile:

You can't clear and should not play with memory there are lots of variables which are part of the system.

It is a good practise to give a more meaningful name to a variable then just a one character.


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Thank you for the reply.
(makunbound) seems very useful! 

But the reason why I brought this topic was because sometimes after working on a project for a long time, trying a lot of things (usually with messy codes ;p), it is very easy to forget what variable / function names I have used before, right?


The problem is:

For example, let's say there's a project on which I try really hard and finally finished over a night.

Maybe I get very satisfied by the result and go to bed happily.

But next the morning, the code does not work.


Because after struggling with some codes, adding / modifying / deleting things, I sometimes delete (or change the names of) what is necessary for the project.

If I initially declare a variable like "motif" and later rename it to "motif-1", (maybe because I created multiple motifs), of course I have to rewrite all of the variable names for the entire project. But due the fact that I'm a normal human, I don't always remember to properly rewrite everything.

And when I forget it, does the program give me error messages?


Because the deleted "motif" is still there in the memory and working.


This is precisely why I intentionally close everything once in 30 minutes, just so that I can check that everything is okay, by just doing "evaluate all".

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