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conforming algortihmically-generated pitches to a harmonic progression

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I'm wondering if a series of pitches generated by white noise could be made to conform to a scale or harmonic progression in a scale such as (setf chords (harmonic-progression prog.prep '(d4 messiaen-mode5))). 


That is - if I have several parts generated algortihmically, can I conform those notes using a second function that will conform them to a harmonic progression?






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Hi Tom,


you need to use tonality-map for that, one example:


;; first, generationg the white noise

(setf noise (gen-white-noise 256))
(setf pitches (vector-to-pitch '(c3 c5) noise))

;; now dividing the pitch list into some sublist
;; for applying the tonality mapping

(setf pitches-div (gen-divide '(16 8 12 24) pitches))

;; generating the harmonic progression
;; but for be able to map on pitch lists, you need to put
;; every chords into a list using mclist function (mapcar list)
(setf hprog (mclist
              (rnd 24 :low 6 :high 12)
              '(d4 messiaen-mode5)
              :size 4

;; apply (map) the harmonic-progression to the lists of pitches

(setf mapped-pitches (tonality-map hprog pitches-div))


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