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rotate OMN ?


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Do you mean the omn events <length pitch velocity and articulation>?

Like that:

OMN form rotation:

(setf omn '(q c4 p ten e d4 mp trem s e4 f stacc))

(gen-rotate 1 omn)
=> (s e4 f stacc q c4 p ten e d4 mp trem)

(gen-rotate 2 omn)
=> (e d4 mp trem s e4 f stacc q c4 p ten)


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yes, but... it has some error...


> Error: No length specified before first pitch
> While executing: (:internal parse-omn-note), in process Listener-1(6).
> Type cmd-. to abort, cmd-\ for a list of available restarts.
> Type :? for other options.


only when i do gen-rotate with the sequence

the sequence works with perhaps (gen-retrograde seq) or...



the sequence (produced by rnd-bots) is for example, something like that...


((et b1 f gettato t f1 ff ord et cs3 mf gettato t fs3 f tasto d5 tasto et g5 mf gettato t eb7 ff ord et a6 f gettato))


and works fine without (gen-rotate


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