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Converting OMN explicit sequence to functions

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I have converted one of my scores to OMN. The sequence of pitches, velocity and length are all demonstrated explicitly 


example -  (q b3 e -s b2b2 gs2 as2 a3 g2g2 g2 e2 -e)


I would like to take the sequence and convert it to the most appropriate function. I'm assuming this would take a step of analysis.


That is, instead of Function > Sequence, I want to perform Sequence> Analysis > map to a Function.  Then I could eliminate the explicit OMN sequences and have a score that is (mostly) functions.


I'm not sure if this is possible, as it seems incredibly difficult to perform without manual data transformation. However, I'm curious if anyone else has attempted this sort of process?





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are you sure you want to put your sequence into  functions ? 

i think you just need to put your sequences into variables and call the variables (eventually with function).


Maybe this example could help you:


; put you motive into a variable named m1
(setf m1 '(q b3 e -s b2b2 gs2 as2 a3 g2g2 g2 e2 -e))

; another motif derived from the first
(setf m2 (rnd-order m1 :type :pitch))

; another one derived with markov-function
(setf m3 (gen-markov m1))

; assembly into one phrase
(setf phrase1 (assemble-seq m1 m1 m2 m1 m3 m2 m2 m1))

; transpose some sections 
(setf phrase1-transposed (pitch-transpose '(2 4 -6) phrase1 :section '(0 2 4)))


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