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    • By HenryT
      The Opusmodus commands for Emacs that are listed in file "Slime in Opusmodus" don't work for me.
      Written commands, like "(circle-pitch-plot 'bartok :point-radius 4)", work ok, a window opens from Opusmodus and shows the plot.
      But not the ?alqsv-commands, that are shown in mini buffer, but don't do anything, except command "?", that shows commands listed.
      I'm using Aquamacs 3.5 and my Clozure version is 1.12. Is this setup ok?
      Best wishes,
    • By opmo
      – New functions:
      – Additions:
      COUNTERPOINT - optional :tempo
      PS - :output :display-midi
      – Documentation
      New documents, revised Counterpoint examples.
      Preview Score example with DICTUM-TEMPO function and :display-midi
        (ps 'gm       :fl (list voice1)       :cl (list voice2)       :hn (list voice3)       :vc (list voice4)       :octave-shift t       :flexible-clef t       :tempo (dictum-tempo dictum-a dictum-b dictum-c dictum-d)       :output :display-midi       :display :window       ) - Janusz
    • By opmo
      Fix to MIDI Entry sticky notes with M-Audio Keyboards.
      Please download the new version and let us know if it works.
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