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i would like to re-organize the notation of a sequence like '(5/32 1/32 1/4 1/32 5/32 1/4 3/32 1/32 5/32 1/16 1/16).




is it possible to modifiy it, so that all this will be notated in "groups of quarter notes"? like this... much easyer to handle it in SIBELIUS etc...




thanks for help...


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We are working on tuplets rewrite now.

We could make a grouping to quarter note by default.


It is not very interesting for us to rewrite and spend a lot of time to fix durations like:

(1/4 1/12 1/20 1/4 1/12)


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must be some misunderstanding!

the question was not how to create tuplets... but i try to implement rhythms via XML in sieblius/finale, if you see the examples: the lengths are not structured in quarter-notes... as i'm showing in the sibelius example... would be very user-friendly for ordinary-4/4-workflow, if the XML-notatiion would show like in the sibelius-pic...but perhaps there are some functions who are doing this, and i didn't found them.


i simply would like to have a "better" xml-output.. example...





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