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Good morning.


I'm interested in score analysis and I've encountered an issue. Is it possibile in Opusmodus, after I've create a score in OMN form (for example : (h c6 mp) (w. f5 pp) (d a4 mp) ) sort these sublist in PITCH ascending order linking the corresponding value of LENGTH? example:

convert this: (h c6 mp) (w. f5 pp) (d a4 mp)
in this: (d a4 mp) (w. f5 pp) (h c6 mp)


where every sublist remains the same but the order is changed on a pitch base (in this case ascending).


I've tried SORT-ASC and similar, but probably there's something to try and I'm new to the program.


Thank you a lot!


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      ;;; ADD-RND-DUST TO LENGTHS ;;; this function adding RANDOMLY some "dust" to the LENGTHS, so it will be like a little rubato, ;;; or "humanizing"-effect. the ADD-SPAN is in percent (0.1 = 10%) on each length-value. (defun add-rnd-dust (omnseq &key (span '(0.1)) (seed nil) (quantize '(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9))) (let ((rhy (omn :length omnseq)) (sp)) (progn (setf rhy (loop with cnt = 0 for i in rhy do (setf sp (nth cnt span)) when (not (null seed)) do (incf seed) when (> i 0) collect (+ i (car (rnd-number 1 0.0 (* i sp) :seed seed))) else collect (- i (car (rnd-number 1 0.0 (* i sp) :seed seed))) when (< cnt (1- (length span))) do (incf cnt))) (make-omn :length (quantize (float-to-ratio rhy :ratio 1/1) quantize) :pitch (omn :pitch omnseq) :velocity (omn :velocity omnseq) :articulation (omn :articulation omnseq))))) ;;; EXAMPLE (add-rnd-dust '(h c3 h. d3 -h q. f3 q g3) :span '(0.5 0.3 0.2 0.1) :quantize '(1 2 3 4 8) :seed 123) => (ht c3 h.s. d3 -e -q -t e.._3h f3 3q_q g3) (add-rnd-dust '(q c3 q d3 q e3 q f3 q g3) ;;possible add-span per value (1 = 100% of the value, 0.5 = 50% etc.) ;;if it's a list, it will stay on the last value of the span-list :span '(0.4 0.3 0 0 2) ;;how to quantize new lengths :quantize '(1 2 4 8) :seed 123) => (q c3 qt d3 q e3 f3 hs. g3) (add-rnd-dust '(h c3 h. d3 h e3 q. f3 q g3) :span '(0.5) ;; = every value max-add 50% :quantize '(1 2 3 4 8) :seed 2999) => (hs. c3 wt d3 3w.e e3 3wq. f3 q g3) (add-rnd-dust '(q c3 q d3 q e3 q f3 q g3) :span '(0.4 0.3 0 0 2) :quantize '(1 2 4 8) :seed 1111) => (qt c3 qs d3 q e3 f3 q... g3) (add-rnd-dust '(h c3 h d3 h e3 h f3 h g3) :span '(0.3 0.2 0.1 0 0.2) :quantize '(1 2 4 3 5) :seed 2999) => (5dh. c3 5dhq. d3 h e3 f3 he g3)  
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