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Thanks for coming back. Pretty much all Opusmodus functions calls are traced (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracing_(software)) in the listener, when they are called. (Apologies if the link is over the top, just want to clarify.)


Example, which causes a trace of rnd-pick.


(loop repeat 10
  collect (rnd-pick '(1 2 3)))


I understand that this can be very useful for debugging, in particular if further information is shown like the function arguments etc., but I would like to disable it by default. Is that possible perhaps?


BTW: Below is the definition of a very similar tracing function, that allows to control which functions are currently traced, or to switch of tracing globally.





(defvar *dbg-ids* NIL "Identifiers used by dbg")

;; was once named debug, but symbol debug is already defined in common-lisp (see opimize)
(defun dbg (id format-string &rest args)
  "Print debugging info if (DEBUG ID) has been specified"
  (when (member id *dbg-ids*)
    (fresh-line *debug-io*)
    (apply #'format *debug-io* format-string args)))

(defun start-debug (&rest ids) 
  "Start debug output on the given ids."
  (setf *dbg-ids* (union ids *dbg-ids*)))

(defun stop-debug (&rest ids) ; was once named undebug
  "Stop debug on ids. With no ids stop debugging altogether."
  (setf *dbg-ids* (if (null ids) NIL
                      (set-difference *dbg-ids* ids))))

#| ; demo
(defun test (x)
  (tu:dbg 'test "test")
  (list x x))

(tu::start-debug 'test)

(loop repeat 10
  collect (test 1))




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