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Opusmodus 1.1.17866

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We are proud to announce 7 new functions and great additions to tonality tools.




GET-HARMONIC-PATH (sequence &key resolution loop unique sort remove row chord seed)

Returns a pitch sequence (tonality, scale) made up of an omn sequence or any number of voices (instruments).


DO-SECTION (section function sequence)

Distributes an operation over a range of lists. Binary list section returns a processed list if 1. If 0 the list is unchanged. A list section with symbols '- and 'x returns a processed list if 'x. If '- the list is unchanged.


DO-TIMELINE (list function &key (resolution :time-signature) loop)

(Please examine the function if have used before - changes and additions).

Distributes an operation over a number of bars, if 'x. If '- the bar is unchanged. Optionally you can use binary numbers: 1 equal x and 0 equal -.


GET-TUNING (frequency)

Returns the difference of a frequency value to the closest tempered pitch.



Returns a binary list where each of the position numbers is 1.   


BINARY-TO-DECIMAL (binary-list)

Converts a binary list to a decimal number.



Converts a decimal number to a binary list.





TONALITY-MAP (scale sequence &key resolution loop section)

HARMONIC-PATH (path sequence &key type resolution loop octave section seed)



Functions removed from the system:





Both functions can be easily replaced with DO-TIMELINE or DO-SECTION (both work with binary list input).

The DO-SECTION is made for user’s own defined functions where section option is not applied.


Best wishes,


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