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Defining :port option in def-score


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We are allowed to define :port option in the instruments section of def-score in order to drive other virtual instruments through that port (this is my understanding). In this case, is it still necessary to define :sound and :program options? What about :channel option?




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Channel needs to be define.

The sound set and the program is optional.


The minimum setup for a instrument:

(def-score appoggiatura2
           (:key-signature '(c maj)
            :time-signature '(3 4)
            :tempo 60) 
   :omn '((q c5 d5 (-app e c5) (app e d5 c5 b4) q c5)
          (q d5 e5 (-acc e d5) (acc e e5 d5 c5) q d5)
          ((leg q e5 (-app e f5) q e5 (app e f5 e5 d5) q e5))
          (q c5 d5 c5))
   :channel 1)




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Thanks. My question is specific to :port option. If we define :port 0 (for example), then we are sending the instrument details to a virtual port, correct? In that case, what is the meaning of specifying :sound and :program? Are these two parameters used in that case?

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