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NotePerformer / NPPE integration?

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It would be great if OM integrated with NotePerformer and NPPE ( Note Performer Playback Engines) like Dorico does.  Any thought about that?  Not only would it provide a more musical playback ( using AI look-ahead tech and better sounds than GM ), but it would greatly simplify integration with many of the best orchestral libraries ( VSL, Spitfire, CSS etc.), since you wouldn't need to create separate custom expression maps per library.  NPPE handles all that behind the scenes, and makes it very easy to mix and match libraries for high quality score playback.  

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That would be great, indeed.

But actually, when I want to use NotePerformer and NPPE, I'm using Sibelius as player for OM using the function musicxml-to-editor.

It is straight forward and very direct if your OM score is correctly designed.

Attached a small video showing this.

But I have to say, I like it very much for orchestral stuff but for chamber music, I still prefer my VEPro template with 132 tracks (samples unloaded to save cpu) I left it always in background and I built it only once, so I can focus on OM and composition and absolutely don't care about midi.

About the ability of note performer to play some notes in "detaché" mode when not slurred etc.... you can do that also directly from OM using this kind of notation for rhythm/length: q^s for example to get some quarter notes but with a sixteen note duration.



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But actually, Dorico can't import the dynamics from OM musicxml and sometimes can't even import nothing...

Finale, Sibelius, Musescore, Notion, all works very fine with OM but not Dorico actually....

When I want to use Dorico, I import first into musescore then export to Dorico.... Tricky..

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