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Option in PS to bypass rewriting accidentals

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I´m searching for an option in PS score to bypass the rewriting the accidentals. My scale lists are carefully ordered in terms of enharmonics.

I think that what mess it all is the make-omn expression I use before the PS.

Is there some way of bypass reordering accidentals in the make-omn expression and also in the PS ?


Thanks !



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Hi Julio, seems to be working fine in this short example.





(setf pitch '(c4 eb4 a4 ds4 bb4 e4 gs4 cs4 gb4))
(setf omn1 (make-omn
            :length '(1/8)
            :pitch pitch
            :velocity '(pp)
            :span :pitch))

(ps 'gm
    :treble omn1
    :time-signature '(3 8 1) :tempo 112)

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