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Opusmodus 1.1.17396

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OSX 10.11

Change the way we do pane titlebar highlighting.

In the LCI, explicitly request monospaced numbers in the system font.

Fix to MIDI and LCI panes.


One Note Dynamic



0<ppppp 0<pppp 0<ppp 0<pp 0<p 0<mp 0<mf 0<f 0<ff 0<fff 0<ffff 0<fffff
ppppp>0 pppp>0 ppp>0 pp>0 p>0 mp>0 mf>0 f>0 ff>0 fff>0 ffff>0 fffff>0
0<ppppp>0 0<pppp>0 0<ppp>0 0<pp>0 0<p>0 0<mp>0 0<mf>0 0<f>0 0<ff>0 0<fff>0 0<ffff>0 0<fffff>0
0<ppppp> 0<pppp> 0<ppp> 0<pp> 0<p> 0<mp> 0<mf> 0<f> 0<ff> 0<fff> 0<ffff> 0<fffff>
<ppppp>0 <pppp>0 <ppp>0 <pp>0 <p>0 <mp>0 <mf>0 <f>0 <ff>0 <fff>0 <ffff>0 <fffff>0


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