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Using channels in def-score instruments


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This is probably a very basic question. When we define multiple instruments in DEF-SCORE, what is the rationale for assigning channel numbers to different instruments? Is it OK to use the same channel number for all instruments? Or should we use different channels for different instruments? Obviously, MIDI has a limit of 16 channels. Please explain the correct logic/approach to use.



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you can use same channel for 2 instruments that are for example the right and left hand for a piano or keyboard, mallet etc..

In other case, it is better to use one different channel per instrument because if you use general midi program change, each instrument need to have it's own different program assignation and by the way a different channel from others.


Also in the case you use IAC midi ports, it is better to have one different channel by instrument for key switches, program changes etc..

About the limitation of 16 channels, it is a limitation only for internal GM midi, because if you use :port n , you can route the midi to any of the IAC virtual midi port.


For example, on my Mac, i have created 50 IAC Port that give me 50 X 16 midi channel, useful for big orchestral works etc...

With IAC ports, you can drive plugins in AU host like Plogue Bidule or Vienna Ensemble Pro or drive plugins hosted in DAW like Logic pro, Ableton live etc..


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