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How to install 'Quicklisp beta'

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For programmers and developers

Install the Quicklisp beta library manager.

(load "http://beta.quicklisp.org/quicklisp.lisp")


To continue, evaluate:



Place the attached file 'Quicklisp Start.lisp' file into your ~/Opusmodus/Extensions folder. Edit the file and add the libraries you like to load.


(ql:quickload "ieee-floats")
(ql:quickload "osc")


About Quicklisp Beta

Note: Opusmodus has its own init file and is not loading the ccl.init.lisp file at the start. Quicklisp installation and its use is not a part of the Opusmodus support. This post is mainly for programmers and developers that already know how to use the Quicklisp libraries.


Additional installation:

Post from Bill St. Clair:


1) Fixed by downloading the updated Opusmodus.app, with fixes I added yesterday. See http://opusmodus.com/forums/topic/310-opusmodus-1117247/

2) The interfaces don't ship with Opusmodus, and since they would bloat the app by 75 megabytes, I think it best to let programmers who need them do the heavy lifting for making them available in their environments. Here's how I made it work in the Guest account on my Mac:

# In a shell
mkdir ccl
cd ccl
svn co http://svn.clozure.com/publicsvn/openmcl//release/1.11/darwin-x86-headers64



This requires svn, which I think is part of the XCode command lines tools, or from other places.

Of course, you can pick any place you want for the "ccl" directory. You just need to change the logical-pathname-translations to match.

You can also install a whole CCL. Best to use version 1.11, since Opusmodus is based on that. Look at (logical-pathname-translations "ccl"), and change what you need to make it point at wherever your CCL is installed.

3) Opusmodus intentionally does NOT load ~/.ccl-init.lisp on startup. Add a file to ~/Opusmodus/Extensions/


Quicklisp Start.lisp

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