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Video about 5-note voicings with drop-voicing function (in portuguese) - Julio Herrlein

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Thank you for your help Julio, It's really very interesting!

...Perhaps you will talk about this in your future book dedicated to Opusmodus!?


in the meantime, Is it possible to mix a chord sequence as is often the case in jazz standards or in other musical styles?

Jazz standards, for example, often use complex and varied chord progressions that allow musicians to create unique and interesting arrangements. By using different chord progressions or modifying chords within a sequence, composers and arrangers can create rich and diverse compositions. This also provides performers with the opportunity to explore different harmonies and variations in their playing.


I spotted the "Melodize" function that I can't find in my version 2 of Opusmodus, I suppose it has been replaced by pitch-melodize?

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In my humble opinion, you can do anything you can rationalize in terms of lists, functions and algorithms. That´s the basic concept. There are idiomatic, stylistic things that demands more revision due to its "not so automatic" nature. Some styles have a blend of automatic procedures and some touch of imprecise things. Maybe what I call "imprecise" here is somewhat of a higher order in terms of language, something that not depends necessarily in well formed lists or well formed syntax. Some of these high order language aspects can be captured by an AI trained with a specific idiomatic database based on common practice procedures for example. Or simply made manually case by case... Meaning is not captured by lists... Our cognition of form neither... Generating and juxtaposing materials does not create meaning. It´s a necessary step, but it´s not all...


melodize and pitch-melodize are similar but not the same. Check the docs.

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