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This may be too early on to ask the question, but anyone on the Windows version, and using Ableton as DAW?  Any MIDI setup issues? Am still using trial, and have a big learning curve ahead of me, but wanted to check on that as a matter of due diligence.


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Hello RevJames, 

I use Ableton Live 11 suite with OPMO to send the different midi parts into Live. It works very well and allows you to use all of Live's tools, native synthesizers, third-party virtuals, hardware synths, etc.
LoopMidi works great for creating the virtual ports needed in Windows to play midi parts on a Daw/Stan. Once open, just click + to add a port.
In Ableton Live or other Daw, check in Preferences if the ports are active. Then, just assign them in the instruments/midi track.
Be careful, do not forget in Opusmodus to check their assignments with (midi-destinations)_CTRL E.

I made a small PDF to summarize this topic. And since you work with Ableton Live, I'm interested in sharing.


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