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counterpoint : What is the 1~,2~ function ?

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I try to work myself through the docs of counterpoint and I encountered this:

(setf voices
      (counterpoint (list p1 p2)
       '(((1 2 1 2) :methods (r - (ri dl5) (r dl2))))))
(ps 'gm
    :fl (list (1~ voices))
    :cl (list (2~ voices))
    :hn (list (3~ voices))
    :vc (list (4~ voices))
I searched the whole documentation. There is also no mention in the book.

Could it be included in the counterpoint document if it is specific to counterpoint ?

Can this function be used in other contexts, too?

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I am getting old. Have seen it before and forgotten.

Anyway. Maybe a short mention - one sentence - in the counterpoint document before it is applied to help the newcomers and the ones that forget. 🙂 


A search for 1~ or ~ doesn't find the doc. Wouldn't guess to search or 1~100 .

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