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articulations with microtonality

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(def-sound-set Xsample-Clarinet
  (:group Clarinet 
          ord (:key bb0)
          stacc (:key b0)


(def-score test
           (:title "test"
            :key-signature 'chromatic
            :time-signature '(4 4)
            :tempo 120
                      (clarinet-layout 'clarinet))

  :omn '(w c4 ord d4- stacc e4- stacc f4 ord)
  :channel 1
  :sound 'Xsample-Clarinet
  :sound '(clarinet)
  :port '(1 2)

So I created  a sound-set which works perfectly without quarter-tones, but with 2 ports the key-switches are not sent to port 2, only to port 1. 

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