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Unfold method in ‘om for chord inversion

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I have looked into the respective .opmo file, maybe I am blind but I could not found chord inversion methods in the standard ‘om one.

Any suggestion how I can invert a block chord for example in a counterpoint dictum using the :method parameter ?

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You will need to create your own def-unfold-set file and add the function there.

Just copy the unfold-set om code from the library, create a new file and add all the function there you would like to access in counterpoint methods function.

Then save the file into the 'Extensions' folder - make sure the code is working.

The best way to learn all this is to contact Stephane and apply for an hour tutorial.




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(setf chord 'c4e4g4)
(chord-inversion 1 chord)
=> (e4g4c5)

Root position and 1st inversion together:

(chord-inversion 1 chord :root t)
=> (c4e4g4 e4g4c5)


However, requesting the third inversion with option :series T and :root T, will give us four chords, and so on.

(chord-inversion 3 chord :root t :series t)
=> (c4e4g4 e4g4c5 g4c5e5 c5e5g5)


We can also rotate the chords downwards in pitch, for example the rotation of the third order below:

(chord-inversion -3 chord :root t :series t)
=> (c4e4g4 g3c4e4 e3g3c4 c3e3g3)


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